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Solution Description

SHXIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.I bulldozer evaporator , SHXIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.IBulldozer heater motor, D2850-50000A

I.Principal Specification

I . Motor        
   Brand:WEICHAI engine
   Sort: H2o cooled, in line , 4-stroke injection
   Rated revolution:1850rpm
   Rated electrical power:120KW
   Cylinder number-bore X stroke :six-126 x 130
   Piston displacement :9.726L
   Rated fuel intake: 214g/kw.h

Equipment 1st 2nd third
Forward (km) -3.29 -5.28 -9.63
Reverse (km) -4.28 -7.fifty nine -12.fifty three


Dozer Straight-tilt
Min. floor clearance(mm) 405
Fat(kg) 1720
Ground force(MP) .072
Min.turning radius(m) 6
Quality-capability (°) 30
Monitor gauge(mm) 1880
Dozing capability(m3) 4.five
Blade width(mm) 3399
Blade peak(mm) 1149
Max.drop beneath ground (mm) 530
Max.tilt adjustment(mm) four hundred

 II. Electrical power TRANSMITTING Program        
   Torque converter: torque converter, 3-factor,1-phase,1-stage
   Transmission: Planetary gear type energy-shaft forced lubrication
   Principal push: Spiral bevel gear ,Single-phase velocity reduction, Splash lubrication
   Steering Clutch: Wet.multi-disc, spring loaded, hand hydraulic assisting procedure, Mechanical separating , linking steering brake.
   Steering brake:Wet,Floating Foot stepping brake with hydraulic supporting
   Last travel: 2-phase velocity reduction of spur equipment splash lubrication.
III . UNDERCARRING Method              
Variety: sprayed beam, suspended composition of equalizer
Carrier rollers(every side): Two
Observe rollers(every aspect): Six
Track sort: assembled solitary tooth
Width of track sneakers:510mm
Pitch: 203.2mm

IV. HYDRAULIC Technique                    
Max.prescertain: 14MPa
Pump variety: Gear pump
Discharge: 243L/min

V. General  DIMENSIONS                
Size x Width x Height (ripper not incorporated) (mm): 6366x3388x3100       

II.Firm Details
Shantui collection bulldozers contain 12 horsepower grades, i.e. 520, 420, 320, 240, 230, 220, two hundred, one hundred sixty, a hundred thirty, a hundred and ten, one hundred and eighty, and contain variant goods, this sort of as regular kind, wet-land type, super wet-land kind, desert type, plateau type, coal bulldozing sort, forest lumbering sort and environmental sanitation kind. Bulldozers of various models can be configured with any of the subsequent ancillary devices, this sort of as direct dumping blade, angle blade, U-formed blade, environmental sanitation blade, air conditioning cab, anti-rolling cab, simple cab, tripe-tooth ripper, one-tooth ripper, winch and have scraper. The bulldozers are mainly utilised to doing work problems like airport, road, mine, dam, railway, etc.

III.Bulldozer Functioning  

IV  Oversea Services
one). Specific style according to your unique desire
two). Original spare parts buy on line by way of our website freely
three). Total complex instruction guides help you to run the equipment and make routine maintenance simply. 
four). On line and on internet site training or support. We welcome our sellers to send out their engineers to China for yearly service education. In the meantime, we also deliver out our possess engineers to international nations around the world for teach and service . 

V.Social Obligation

The street in the disaster area were ruined seriously owing to the earthquake, Our organization will fitst time to start off the contingency strategies to assist the catastrophe region.

VI. Packing

We usually decide on the RO-RO vessel or the Bulk Cargo Vessel to transport our device.

VII. Working Procedure

one. You deliver us an inquiries on your sought after trailer by way of our contact data.
two. We shall reply you in twelve several hours after we gained our inquiry.
3. We will negotiate the depth of the trailer on your necessity.
4. Verified on the tech info.
five. Indication agreement.
6.30% down payment or LC issuing.
seven. Manufacturing
eight. The Manufacturig method with up to date news.
9. The Production completement.
10.Stability payment .
eleven.Set up Cargo and Personalized Clearance

VIII. Unique Spare Parts
We supply the first Spare Areas. With a total following-revenue services program, the Right after-marketplace Division provides superb services, and employs streamlined provide chain to offer quick elements shipping.


Solitary-period motors have a stator. They do not have the rotating magnetic subject characteristics of polyphase or polyphase motors. The magnetic subject made by the stator windings is pulsating, not rotating. When the rotor is stationary, the enlargement and contraction of the stator’s magnetic area generate an electrical existing in the rotor. The current generates the rotor magnetic discipline with the opposite polarity to the stator magnetic discipline. The opposite polarity applies rotational force to the upper and reduce parts of the rotor. Since this pressure passes via the heart of the rotor, it remains equal in each route, keeping the rotor stationary. If the rotor begins to change, it carries on to change in the path it started, due to the fact the rotor’s momentum generates a rotational force in that direction. Solitary-period motors are employed in minimal-electricity programs this kind of as ceiling supporters, mixer grinders, and home appliances this kind of as moveable electrical power resources.
The rotor of a reluctance motor consists of a reliable forged steel element with a convex toothed rack. Their beginning method is similar to an induction motor, but it operates like a synchronous motor. Normally, their rotors have less poles than stators, which minimizes torque ripple and stops best pole alignment, as no torque is developed in that place. Reluctance motors assortment in power ratings from a number of watts to about 22 kilowatts.

China supplier Shantui Bulldozer Evaporator, Shantuibulldozer Heater Motor, D2850-50000A     near me shop