China Hot selling Sliver Color F80 Kit / 80cc Bicycle Motor Kit /80cc Bike Motor Kit near me factory

Solution Description

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The  66cc/80cc bicycle motor package is WoodPecker brand motor package. This is our simple entry amount bicycle motor kit.  Don’t be fooled by the tremendous minimal value, this product is the ideal mix of worth and functionality. 

This kit will come with each thing that you’ll require to transform bicycle into a motorized bicycle. You will nonetheless be ready to pedal the bike and trip like standard or commence the engine by releasing the clutch lever. There is certainly no rope pulling needed. You can quit or begin the engine as you journey.!

We make particular that we , as the orginal manufacture of tiny bicycle motors, abide by rigorous quality handle assurance steps and use the greatest high quality substance so that we can make specific that all of our consumers get only the best!

With these strict good quality assurance actions, we are in a position to supply a industry foremost 6 thirty day period guarantee!

   25 to forty mph based on the equipment ratio and fat.

   MPG 100-one hundred fifty HangZhous per gallon

   Independent drive sprocket and chain does not interfere with your recent push chain and peddling

Item Proportions

80cc motor kit is about 8.5″ top 7″ size 5″ width. Kit matches on standard 25mm to 29mm body tube. Greater body dimensions calls for drilling into bicycle body and use the universal confront plate. Make sure suitable suit by examining the minimum dimension demands diagram below 


Merchandise Specifications

For setting up this package buyer may possibly need some fundamental components skills, tools, and get around 2-3 several hours to put in and do some adjustments. Vendor is not responsible for misuse or this kit or any warranty following installation.

Package consists of

   1.  Bicycle Motors 80cc 2-Stroke   Sliver Shade

   2. Minimal Profile Carburetor

   3. Upgraded Hush Muffler

   4. Clutch Cable

   5. Push Chain Idler

   6. High Quality  Primary Bearings

   7. 415 Bicycle Chain

   8. Upgraded Chain Rigidity Xihu (West Lake) Dis. with Bearing Wheel

   9. Chain Guard

   10. Z4 Spark Plug

   11. CD Ignition Coil

   12. Upgraded Alloy Drive Clutch Lever

   13. Upgraded Twist Throttle and Cable With Grip

   14. Common Mounting U Condition Clamp

   15. Black Teardrop Gasoline Tank (1.5L)

   16. Gasoline Line

   17. Throttle Cable

   18. Clutch Cable

   19. Gasoline Tank Swap

   20. Sprocket Clamp Assembly

   21. Sprocket Clamp Bolts

   22. Massive Spring (Warmth Defend Spring)

   23. Extension Spring (Recoil Spring)

   24. High Quality Needle Bearings on Equally Ends Crank

   25. forty four Tooth Sprocket with 9 Holes

   26. Magneto

   27. Kill Swap

   28. Bonus: Spark Plug Elimination Resource

   29. All the Necessary Mounting Brackets, Gaskets, and Hardware


Matches Most 26″ Wheel Bikes (Mountain, Cruiser, Chopper, Highway) with V-frame.


An AC motor is a typical sort of electrical motor that is driven by alternating existing. As the most effective useful motors for daily industrial programs (as properly as hobbyist initiatives, house objects, and all other professional tools and buyer merchandise), AC motors provide a fairly efficient technique of generating mechanical power from a basic electrical enter sign.
Single-stage motors have a stator. They do not have the rotating magnetic area characteristics of polyphase or polyphase motors. The magnetic discipline made by the stator windings is pulsating, not rotating. When the rotor is stationary, the growth and contraction of the stator’s magnetic field create an electrical existing in the rotor. The recent makes the rotor magnetic field with the reverse polarity to the stator magnetic discipline. The opposite polarity applies rotational drive to the upper and reduced elements of the rotor. Considering that this pressure passes via the heart of the rotor, it remains equal in each and every path, retaining the rotor stationary. If the rotor starts to turn, it continues to turn in the direction it commenced, since the rotor’s momentum produces a rotational drive in that route. One-period motors are used in lower-electricity apps these kinds of as ceiling followers, mixer grinders, and house appliances such as moveable energy resources.

China Hot selling Sliver Color F80 Kit / 80cc Bicycle Motor Kit /80cc Bike Motor Kit     near me factory