China factory Factory for K3V112dtp Main Pump Dh220-7/Dh220-5 Excavator Machine Spare Parts near me shop

Merchandise Description


 K3V112 main pump use DH220-7/DH220-5 for Doosan

HPK055A .ZAX110/ZAX120.ZAX130-5/6 pump areas

6128-52-1013.D155.D355.S6D155 oil pump

A3V55 Swash Plate Valve Plate Cylinder Block Push Shaft

A8V055.A8V080.A8V5717. A8V0140. A8V0160. A8V5710 for uchida excavator major pump spare elements

Piston shoe for uchida Hydraulic main  pump parts

KYB PSVD2-27E PSVD2-27 PSVD2-17 PSVD2-17E hyd pump 


PVD-0B-21. PVD-0B-23. PVD-0B-24 components

 KYB psv2-55/PSV2-fifty two.PSV2-63T.KYB excavator pump

Genuine CZPT excavator Hyd pump 

Original CZPT Excavator parts MSF45 .E70B. CAT70B swing motor parts 

Excavator Hydraulic Piston Pump Spare Elements Restore Package For

Nachi PVD-3B-fifty four .PVD-3B-56. PVD-3B-sixty For CZPT Hydraulic Pump

PVD-0B-18P. PVD-0B-21.PVD-0B-23.PVD-0B-15P Hydraulic main Gear pump

PVD-3B-fifty four.nachi excavator pump PVD-3B-56

pump PVK-2B-505.PVK-3B-725 spare areas

Legitimate CZPT Hydraulic Pump 9192497 /9197338/ 9227923/ ZX120 

Equivalent merchandise engine product :

KOMATSU Engine 2D92 4D92 4D94 3D95 4D95L S4D95 6D95 S6D95 S6D105
6D105 S6D115 S6D102 4D130 4D120 4D105-one 4D105-5 S6D108 S6D110
S6D125 S6D140 S6D155 S6D170          
CAT ENGIINE 3066 3064 3306 3304 3204 3208 3116 3406 3408
3412 D330A D330C D343 D399 D353 C9 C10 3508
MISUBISHI Motor 6D34T 6D31T 4D34T 4D31T 4M40 6D14T 6D15T 6D16T 6D11
6D22 6D24T 6DB1 6DS7 8DC8 8DC9 8DC11 6D20  
S12R S6N S6R            
ISUZU Motor 3KC1 3KR2 4JB1 4BD1T C240 6BD1T 4BD1T 6BG1T D500
6SD1T 6RB1T 6HK1T 6BB1 6BF1 DA640 DA220 E120 6WG1
  4CE1 4CE2 4JG1            
NISSAN Motor FD33 BD30 FD6T PE6 ND6T ED33 FD35 RD8 RE8
RE10 RF8              
YANMAR Engine 3TNV84 3TNE82 4TNV84 4TNE84 4TNE88 3TNV75 3TNV74 3TNV78 4TNE94
ENGINE 6BT5.9 6CT8.3 4BT3.nine 6BTA NH220 NT855 LT10 KTA19 KTA38
DAEWOO Engine D1146 D2366 DB58 DO846 DB33        
HINO Engine HO6CT HO7CT EP100 EM100 EL100 EB100 WO6E DS50 DS70
EH700 DK10 EF750 F20C J08C        

Authentic CZPT excavator sequence PVD-2B/32/34/36/38/40/forty two/sixty three serials pump

valve plate .piston shoe ,swash plate.generate shafe .snap ring.ball

First legitimate CZPT excactor charging pump

Nachi hydraulic pump PVD-00B-15P. PVD-0B-18

PC100.PC120-3/5.PC200.PC220-3/5.PC300.PC400-3/5 valve plate

keep plate.piston shaft elements

Hitachi E320C E320D E312C E325C excavator spare parts 

komatsu PC200-6 .PC200-7 .PC200-8 excavator main pump  parts

OEM CZPT HPV95 hydraulic pump restore kit pump spare components

komatsu PC200-3/5,PC120-3/5 pump elements

K3V63DTP,SK135LC .K3V112DT main pump 

Gurantee :1 year 

Normal :Original 

OEM Replace KYB excavator KMF40/KMF40-2/KMF90(KPV90)

PC200-1/2/3/KMF105 Piston Hyd pump spare components & repair kit

Hydraulic Main Pump For EC460 EC460B Excavator Parts

OEM CZPT manufacture first gear pump parts

Kayaba excavator slew motor ,for Yuchai,Sunward,Kubota, KYB MSG-27P-10E,MSG-27P-16E,

MSG-27P-18E,MSG-27P-23E ,MSG-44P-21 ,


We could supply the CZPT brand name hydraulic pump and CZPT last generate journey motor assmebly as under:









•PHV-three hundred-forty one-1R1-8460B

•PCL-two hundred-18B-1S2-8467A

Hyundai,Volvo,Hitachi,Doosan,Kato,Kobelco and so forth. 

Our primary Aggressive areas:

1.Closing travel(genuine,south korea,japan model)   

  genuine rebuilt Hitachi.

   KYB Mag series(Mag-18,Magazine-26,Magazine-33,Magazine-85,Mag-170)

   Nabotsco GM series(GM04,GM06,GM07,GM09,GM10,GM18,GM21,GM35,GM38)

   Nachi PHV collection

2.Journey gearbox,largely are aftermarket,with quite good cost.

three.Swing unit,swing motor,swing gearbox,swing bearing

four.Hydraulic pumps

Other Aftermarket hydraulic  cylinder,bucket,arm and boom,cabin,undercarraige elements,rubber tracks

So,if you need any part,welcome for inquire,we can help you to discover it right here.

Product Description

Torque converter pum

708-3S-5710 705-fifty one-42050 705-55-23571 705-52-25710
708-3S- 0571 1 705-51-42571 705-55-13571  705-fifty two-25710
708-3S-5711 705-51-32250 705-fifty four-2571 705-fifty two-20090
706-55-23571 705-51-32080 705-fifty three-42571 705-fifty two-20050
705-73-3571 705-fifty one-32040 705-fifty three-42571 705-fifty two-2571
705-73-29571 705-51-32000 705-53-42000 705-52-10070
705-58-47000 705-51-31150 705-fifty three-31571 705-52-10050
705-58-46001 705-51-31140 705-fifty two-42220 705-52-10001
705-fifty eight-46000 705-51-31060 705-fifty two-42170 705-51-42070
705-58-44050 705-51-30920 705-fifty two-42110 705-fifty one-42060
705-58-44000 705-fifty one-30820 705-52-42100 705-forty one-07210
705-fifty eight-43571 705-51-30820 705-52-42090 705-41- 0571
705-fifty eight-34000 705-51-3571 705-fifty two-42000 705-forty one-571
705-57-46000 705-51-3 0571 705-fifty two-45710 705-forty one-05690
705-56-47000 705-51-30600 705-fifty two-45710 705-41-57100
705-56-46001 705-fifty one-30590 705-52-40160 705-41-02630
705-56-44090 705-fifty one-3 0571 705-52-40150 705-forty one-57170
705-fifty six-44571 705-fifty one-30360 705-52-40130 705-41-57120
705-56-44001 705-51-35710 705-fifty two-45710 705-41-57110
705-fifty six-43571 705-51-35710 705-52-4571 705-forty one-01920
705-56-43571 705-fifty one-30190 705-fifty two-40000 705-forty one-01620
705-56-36082 705-fifty one-30170 705-52-34290 705-forty one-01540
705-56-36080 705-fifty one-35710 705-fifty two-32001 705-41-01320
705-fifty six-36050 705-fifty one-3571 705-fifty two-32000 705-forty one-01200
705-fifty six-36040 705-51-22000 705-fifty two-31230 705-41-57150
705-fifty six-34690 705-51-21040 705-fifty two-31210 705-41-57120
705-fifty six-34630 705-51-21000 705-52-31170 705-forty-01320
705-fifty six-34590 705-51-2 0571 705-fifty two-31150 705-forty-57120
705-56-34550 705-fifty one-2 0571 705-52-31130 705-36-29540
705-fifty six-34490 705-51-20800 705-52-31080 705-34-34340
705-fifty six-34360 705-51-20640 705-52-31070 705-33-31203
705-56-34290 705-51-20480 705-fifty two-31571 705-33-28540
705-fifty six-34240 705-fifty one-20440 705-52-30A00 705-33-27540
705-fifty six-34180 705-51-20430 705-52-30920 705-thirty-31203
705-fifty six-34130 705-51-20400 705-52-3 0571 705-24-3571
705-56-34100 705-51-20390 705-52-30560 705-24-29090
705-56-34040 705-fifty one-2571 705-52-3 0571 705-24-24410
705-56-34000 705-fifty one-20300 705-fifty two-30490 705-23-30610
705-fifty six-33050 705-51-25710 705-52-30390 705-22-48571
705-fifty six-26081 705-fifty one-25710 705-52-30360 705-22-44571
705-56-26030 705-fifty one-25710 705-52-35710 705-22-43070
705-fifty six-24090 705-51-20180 705-52-35710 705-22-42090
705-56-24080 705-51-20170 705-fifty two-30260 705-22-40110
705-56-24030 705-51-20140 705-fifty two-35710 705-22-40070
705-56-24571 705-51-20110 705-fifty two-35710 705-22-38050
705-fifty six-23571 705-51-20090 705-52-35710 705-22-38310
705-55-43040 705-51-20070 705-fifty two-30190  705-22-36260
705-fifty five-43000 705-fifty one-12090 705-52-30150 705-22-36060
705-fifty five-34580 705-fifty one-11571 705-fifty two-30130 705-22-30150
705-fifty five-34580 705-fifty one-1571 705-fifty two-30080 705-22-21000
705-fifty five-34190 705-fifty one-1571 705-fifty two-30051 705-21-46571
705-fifty five-34180 705-41-08240 705-fifty two-30050 705-21-46002
705-55-34160 705-forty one-5710 705-52-30040 705-21-43571
705-55-33100 705-forty one-08090 705-52-30011 705-21-43000
705-55-33080 705-forty one-08080 705-52-3571 705-21-4571
705-55-24130 705-41-08070 705-52-22100 705-21-39070
705-55-24110 705-forty one- 0571 1 705-fifty two-22000 705-21-32051
705-55-23040 705-41-08001 705-fifty two-21250 705-21-32050 
705-fifty five-23030 705-41-5710 705-fifty two-21170 705-21-32050 
705-fourteen-41040 705-11-33210 705-fifty two-21160 705-21-31571
705-fourteen-34530 705-11-33100 705-fifty two-21140 705-21-28270
705-fourteen-32240 705-eleven-33016 705-fifty two-21070 705-21-26060
705-thirteen-34340 705-eleven-33015 705-52-21000 705-21-26050
705-13-31730 705-11-33014 48976-6571 17A-49-11100
705-thirteen-28530 705-eleven-33013 44093-6571 178-49-11100
705-thirteen-26530 705-11-33012 44093-60590 one hundred seventy five-13-23500
705-thirteen-23530 705-11-33011 44083-61860 154-20-10002
705-twelve-44040 705-eleven-32540 44083-61590 154-15-00142
705-12-44571 705-11-32210 44083-61480 14X-49-11600
705-12-43030 705-11-29571 44083-61030 14X-49-11160
705-twelve-40040 705-eleven-28571 44083-61571 14X-twelve-11102
705-12-4571 705-11-23571 44083-61571 14X-40-11600
705-twelve-38240 705-eleven-22040 44083-61000 113-15-34800
705-12-38211 705-11-21571 44083-60740 113-fifteen-0571
705-twelve-38011 705-eleven-2001 418-15-11571 113-fifteen-05710
705-twelve-38571 704-seventy one-4407 418-15-11571 0571 8-66500
705-twelve-38000 704-71-4406 418-fifteen-11571 0571 8-66200
705-12-37040 704-seventy one-4405 3P6816 704-twelve-3571
705-12-37571 704-seventy one-4403 7S4629 704-eleven-3810
705-12-36571 704-71-4401 5M7864 704-11-3810
705-twelve-35571 704-seventy one-4401 4N4864 704-11-3401
705-12-34571 704-71-4400 3P6816 702-sixteen-0134
705-twelve-32110 704-fifty six-1110 3P6814 6865-sixty one-102
705-12-32571 704-forty one- 0571 3G4768 67434-72202
705-twelve-32571 704-31-2411 385-15714561 6685-sixty one-102
705-twelve-31571 704-thirty-4214 385-1057192 6211-fifty one-one hundred
705-twelve-29630 704-30-3611 385-1057182 6162-63-a hundred and one
705-12-29571 704-30-3211 34177-1100 6151-sixty two-a hundred and ten
705-twelve-21571 704-30-2911 308-1234561 6150-fifty one-a hundred
705-eleven-4571 704-24-2823 2P9239 6128-52-a hundred and one
705-eleven-45710 704-24-2820 23B-60-11100 705-11-36100
705-11-4571 704-24-2643 23A-sixty-11400 705-eleven-36040
705-11-38240 704-24-2442 23A-60-11200 705-11-36571
705-eleven-38210 704-24-2440 23A-60-11100 705-eleven-36000
705-eleven-38110 704-twelve-38100 198-forty nine-34100 705-11-35571
705-eleven-38571     705-eleven-34240
705-eleven-38000     705-eleven-34110

2: some components no. for reference
705-52-10070 .705-52-2571  .705-fifty eight-47000  . 705-57-46000 .  705-52-40130 .   

705-53-42571 . 705-56-43571  . 705-22-44571  . 23B-60-11100 .705-fifty eight-47000,

705-57-46000, 705-58-44050  . 705-21-32051.  705-51-30190 . 705-21-32051 

704-71-44002. 704-71-44060 

Mitsubishi, Nachi, New Holland, Nissan, Pel Task, Rexroth, Samsung, Sany, Sandvik, Schaeff, SDLG, Sumitomo,

Sunward, Takeuchi, Terex, Wacker Neuson, Wirtgen, Volvo, XGMA, Yanmar, Yuchai, CZPT Excavators.

* pumps for a lot more than 1000 design devices

* fast delivery
* specialist tips
* absolute minimal charges
* large quality

 3: fit equipment:

for dozer:   komatsu:D355 D155 D85 D80 D65 D60 D51
                   shantui : SD13 SD16 SD22 SD23 SD32 SD42 , SD08  SD10YE 
                   shehwa HBXG: T140 TY165 TY165-2 TSY165 SD6D SD6G SD7

                                                SD8   SD8B  SD9  
                 pengpu :PD410 PD320 PD220 PD160 PD140 
                 zoomlion:ZD320 ZD220 ZD160
                 liugong:   B160  B230 B320
for  Loader:c
     SDLG: LG916 LG920 LG933 LG936 LG946 LG952 LG953 LG956 LG968 LG978
           SEM: SEM653C SEM650B SEM652B SEM630B
           :  LW300F, LW300K,   LW500F, LW600K  ZL30G, ZL50GL,ZL50G        
           LIUGONG:CLG836 CLG842,CLG856,CLG855,CLG877,CLG888 ZL50C ZL50CN,
                                ZL40B, ZL30E
          LONGGONG: LG853DN, LG855D LG855B,LG843, LG833B ,LG833
          XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.N: ZLM30E-5, ZLM40E, ZLM50E-5, ZL50G-seven
          DEGONG: DG938, DG956, DG958, DG965, DG966, DG980
          SHXIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.I: SL30W, SL50W, SL60W,
          XGMA: XG953, XG955, XG956, XG958
          KOMATSU: WA200 WA320 WA380 WA400 WA500 WA600
Our Providers:

We also have the adhering to elements:

    UNDER CZPT Components,  ROLLER, Loafer, Observe Hyperlink, SHOE , CYLINDER, PUMP, VALVE, RIPPER, Little bit End , CUTTING EDGE ,Position , TUBE , PIPE ,cab , seat ,lamp bucket, CZPT , torque converter , transmission ,final generate , main pump,  main valve, Last push , sprocket

     Cylinder block, cylinder head ,major bearing , crankshaft, piston,liner, camshaft, Rod, oil cooler, drinking water radiator, oil pan, oil pump, gas pump, water pump, turbocharger, supporter ,belt, injector, alternator, flywheel, commencing motor


Elements we offer :



Bulldozer :SD08 SD13 SD16 SD22 SD23 SD32 SD42

Japan Model

Bulldozer :D31A-sixteen D50/fifty one D53A-seventeen D60/65A-8 D85A-18 D85A-21 D155A-1/2/3 D275 D355 D375 D455


Engine Associated Parts (Radiator, Enthusiast, Electricity consider-off)


Torque Converter (Turbine Pump, Stator, Equipment, Relief Valve)


Transmission Elements (Carrier, Friction, Plate, Shaft)


Steering System Components (Steering clutch, Spiral bevel, Steering valve)


Closing Travel Components (Pinion, Sprocket Hub, Drum, Bearing)


Undercarriage elements


GET Elements (Cutting Edge, End Bit, Tooth Suggestion, Shank, Guard Plate)


cabin assembly and spare areas


Solitary and A few shank Ripper assembly


two:NV series 

NV45,NV50,NV64,NV84,NV90,NV111,NV137, NV172,NV237, NV270,NVK45

3,KVC sequence : KVC925,KVC930,KVC932 4,MX

:MX50,MX150,MX170,MX173 5,M2X



:(KOMATSU) CZPT excavator piston pump 

:HPV35(PC200-3/5,PC120-3/5) HPV55(PC100-3/5,PC120-3/5) HPV90(PC200-3/5,PC220-3/5) HPV160(PC300-3/5,PC400-3/5)

KPV90(PC200-1/2) KPV100(PC300-1/2,PC400-1/2)


KMF90(PC200-3/5,PC220-3/5) KMF160(PC300-3/5,PC400-3/5)

, CZPT : HPV125B(UH07-7,UH083) HPV125A(UH09-7,UH10-1/2)

HPV116(EX200-1,EX220-1) HPV091(EX200-2/3,EX220-2/3)

HPV102(EX200-5,EX220-5) HPV105(ZAXIS200/220) HPV145(EX300-1/2/3/5)

Other people silimar components variety :

6136-51-1100 Oil Pump piece S6D105 engine
6136-fifty two-1100 Oil Pump piece S6D105 motor
6209-fifty one-1201 Oil Pump piece S6D95 engine(21 enamel)
6209-fifty one-1700 Oil Pump piece  S6D95L motor(20 tooth)
6735-51-1111 Oil Pump piece 6D102 motor
6204-51-1201 Oil Pump piece 4D95L engine
6207-fifty one-1201 Oil Pump piece  S4D95L motor
6206-fifty one-1201 Oil Pump piece  6D95L motor
6221-51-1101 Oil Pump piece S6D108engine
6221-53-1101 Oil Pump piece SA6D108E
6151-51-1005 Oil Pump piece S6D125 engine


AC motors and gear motors include one-stage motors for one-phase AC power and three-phase motors for three-period AC power. A one-stage motor basically requirements to be connected to a one-phase electrical power offer by means of the provided capacitors to operate. Three-phase motors do not call for capacitors. You merely link the motor immediately to the three-period AC electrical power source. Dongfang Electric powered offers a broad assortment of AC motors and gear motors Constant or variable velocity AC motors are available with single or 3-section equipment and electromagnetic braking possibilities
One-period motors have a stator. They do not have the rotating magnetic field qualities of polyphase or polyphase motors. The magnetic subject produced by the stator windings is pulsating, not rotating. When the rotor is stationary, the growth and contraction of the stator’s magnetic discipline produce an electrical existing in the rotor. The current produces the rotor magnetic area with the opposite polarity to the stator magnetic area. The reverse polarity applies rotational power to the higher and decrease components of the rotor. Since this force passes via the center of the rotor, it continues to be equal in each and every direction, keeping the rotor stationary. If the rotor commences to turn, it continues to switch in the course it began, simply because the rotor’s momentum generates a rotational power in that course. One-period motors are utilized in lower-electricity apps these kinds of as ceiling enthusiasts, mixer grinders, and family appliances these kinds of as transportable electrical power equipment.

China factory Factory for K3V112dtp Main Pump Dh220-7/Dh220-5 Excavator Equipment Spare Components     in close proximity to me store